Section D Welsh  Cob

The Welsh Cob was part of the string of mounts for the British knights during the 15th century. A Welsh Cob was used to lead the mighty fighting horses known as destriers. As the destrier's natural gait was the trot, Welsh Cobs had to cover great distances matching the war horse stride-for-stride at the trot. To this day, the forceful ground covering trot of the cob is legendary. Their substance made them popular mounts for British infantry and for pulling heavy guns and equipment through rugged terrain up until 30 or 40 years ago. Prior to the automobile, the Welsh Cob was the quickest transport for doctors and businessmen.

Welsh Cobs are known for their gentle nature, and are characterized as strong, hardy and active, with pony character and as much substance as possible. They have bold eyes, strong laid back shoulders, dense hooves, a moderate quantity of silky feather, lengthy hindquarters, and powerful hocks.

The Section D cob exceeds 13.2hh with no upper limit on height. A strong and powerful animal, have gentle natures and are extremely hardy. An ideal mount or driving animal for many adults, the Section D has become a popular choice for dressage, combined training and combined driving.